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Course of veneer splice production

Veneer is thin piece of wood with 0,55 – 1,5 mm thickness, which is use for production of furniture, panels, doors, flooring, etc. 

1. Sorting of Veneer – veneer sorting is under way in the stock according the follow parameters

  • Sorting of Veneer –  veneer sorting is under way in the stock according the follow parameters 

  • Quality and structure of material – called qualitative sorting

During sorting could be combine both parameters – it is up to requirements of our costumer

2. Cutting

  • Crosswise cutting – bundles of veneer with XY length are cut by knife of scissor to required length with technical needed “oversize”.
  • Lengthwise cutting – the bundle is cut from both sides – from original width XY to required width.

    This operation could be making on single – knife guillotines or double – knives guillotines.

3. Gluing and splicing

  • Putting glue – ready bundle is put into veneer package glue applicator, where the glue is applied to edges of bundle (longer size of bundle) by 2 rotated fluted rollers. The bundles with glue are place to two-tier conveyor belt (for preparing of glue for next operation). These prepared bundles of veneer are putting (according to requirements  of costumers) into splicer, where the glue is active by pressing of sheets of veneer together and by warm.  It is not occurred the joint – front and back side are the same. 
  • Splicing by fibre – it is the same way of splicing but the gluing application is missing, and the bundles of veneer are putting direct to splicer (fibre splicer) – Küper. On the back side is occurred the joint zig-zag.

4. Final cutting and fix of edges

  • It is last operation. The edges of layons are fixed by fuse fibre, which protected the layons for next manipulation. If necessary the oversize of sheet in layons are cut to one dimension.

5. Final control

  • The operation, where the layons are checking according to demand of costumer (100 % check or random check).

6. Packaging and expedition

  • The ready checked layons are packed on pallets with needed documents – type of pallet, marking and so on is according to costumer´s requirements.
  • Then pallets are packed to black stretch foil, strapped and sent to costumers.