Door splices

The voucher for veneered doors is one of the highest offered veneer qualities. The resulting appearance of the splice, the method of splitting (into a figure, random composition, etc.) is always adapted to the customer’s requirements. All methods of splicing are used in the production of door splitters.

Deposition methods

1. for glued joint – so-called butt fitting using hot-melt glue, which is used mainly for smooth doors set either vertically or across

2.  Fiber – The splice is sewn together using a Kuper machine. This method is mainly used in the production of one or two upright door splitters, when the uprights are attached to Kuper.

3. manually – sometimes the splices must be fully or partially spliced manually, especially at the frame door, at the customer’s special request for splicing (eg squares) and inlaid doors. Assembly takes place at a specialized workplace intended only for the production of doors on spacious tables using hand-held machines (using fusible fiber)

Door frames

Door frames are also associated with door splints. For maximum elimination of veneer color, structure etc. – we offer either the production of veneer splices directly on the door frame, which the customer then presses themselves or a more convenient way – veneer edges for edging seams and door frames made from the same veneer from the same vendors as door veneers. This type of edge is ground to a thickness of 0.38 – 0.39 mm, glued with fleece, so it is much easier to glue and “veneer” different profiles.