Gallery veneer

The gallery is one of the few places in Europe where you can see such a wide range of veneers.

The gallery is located in Chrudim, in the Jan Ficek Dřevovýroba factory, and was designed by Ing. Tereza Šašková. Visitors, architects and professionals will find 50 to 60 types of natural and modified interior veneers in one place. Uniques include, for example, veneer sliced from more than 100-year-old wooden poles. The gallery is open to visitors by appointment

Gallery Bořka Šípka

In cooperation with an important Slovak partner, Palace Office a.s., we present at the Bořek Šípek Gallery in the Dessewffy Palace on L´ Square. Štúr in Bratislava, one of several in the world, unique glass products and the entire collection, created by top Czech glassmakers. The author of all glass objects is Bořek Šípek. Under the auspices of the Bořek Šípek Trust Fund, the gallery is supplemented with works by other modern authors.

GARDEN VENEERS - Gallery of premium veneers and specialties

You can visit our newly opened Veneer Gallery as part of regular excursions for professionals. Necessary contacts and a large part of represented veneers and other wooden unique items are listed on the web jfdspeciality.cz

And how the first excursion to the gallery and production went, you can see in the photo gallery on our facebook page here.


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